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Unique Advertising Options !

With WP Safelist you will have some unique advertising options, beside being able to send your email to fellow members. WP Safelist uses WP List Mailer - an advanced email marketing plugin. Because of the ongoing development you will benefit of newly added features on a regular basis. This will keep your advertising on the cutting edge and help you earn more !

Free Advertising!

WP Safelist will help you with your marketing efforts without YOU having to spend money! All our free members can enjoy the benefits of being able to send emails without spending any cash. Like in all credit based safelists you will be required to collect credits that you in turn will use to send your messages.

Great Bonuses!

All WP Safelist members will enjoy great benefits but the most of them will of course be available to our premium members. If you join us now don't hesitate to get any of the advanced memberships - You will NOT regret it! If you join NOW you have the chance to get the BEST prices for the most advanced membership levels!