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WordPress Safelist is first of a new kind of advertising/marketing websites. WP Safelist is based on a new software – the WP List Mailer plugin for WordPress CMS, developed entirely from ground up. This site is a working demo developed also by the WP Lsit Mailer team.

Because of this WP Safelist is in a unique position – to benefit from the latest developments of  WP List Mailer and showcase/test them before anybody else. WP List Mailer is a groundbreaking software that is just at the beginning of its evolution. Since the business is based on a continuous development model, we will be able to also continuously improve our services and deliver better results, better user experience and ultimately more prospects and/or money for our members.

So what makes WP Safelist special?

Without traffic, you can have the best possible product available out there. You won’t make any money if no one sees your offer.

Getting traffic to your website is crucial, and more than that, getting targeted traffic is the key to success. WP SafeList members are people looking to promote their Products, Affiliate Programs and Marketing Strategies.

WP SafeList offers many extra’s not found on other SafeLists. You do not need to be a paid member either to make use of these extra features found on no other SafeList! See below for full details.

WP Safelist is based on an entirely new sytem developed from the ground up to make use of WordPress CMS  powerful features – WP List Mailer plugin. This insures a never-before possible level of customization and not to mention NEW features that will be available at regular intervals.

  WP Safelist is a 100% credit-based safelist. Our special credit links guarantees you that people WILL visit your websites. You will receive also random credits with each link you visit!

  All members can add text ads that will be rotated on the site in addition to email promotion. Higher level members will have also the chance to have their banners placed in highly visible places.

  Free members will be able to send to ALL other free members. Higher level members will be able to send also to their same level members in addition to free members.

  Higher level members will NOT receive emails from LOWER member levels. This means that if you are a gold member you will NOT receive emails from FREE members !

  Higher level members will be able to POST on our blog and receive more FREE traffic from the posts, Twitter and social bookmarking! Soon we will add a Facebook page for even more FREE promotion!(This feature will be activated at first WP  List Mailer Update – you can lock in your account at the lowest rates till then)

  Pro 1 Year will also have banners in rotation on the sidebar – 250×250 px. There is a limited number for lifetime memberships so consider this also when you will receive the offer.  The banners  rotate top spot in sidebar on all pages.

  You will receive fast and responsive customer support. We are firm believers in creating a great customer experience and we are grateful to all that will help us improve our site.

There’s much more too

We are just starting to experiment and work with WP List Mailer plugin. Once that we will get a bit more experienced we will start adding custom features that will make the experience much more powerful. We want to make WP Safelist a great place to promote your programs. We will also have lots of contests with great prizes and many freebies. For more information about WP List Mailer, go and read the description on the main site.

New Features constantly added in the New Features page

Referral Contest – Join us and start promoting to WIN a lot if cool prizes!

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