How To Increase The Size Of Your Email Subscriber Base
How To Increase The Size Of Your Email Subscriber Base

As most of us know who have aspirations to get better at email marketing, the process of getting more subscribers is a hard battle that we all have to battle it out with. Here’s the thing that we all need to remember. We are not just battling for access to an inbox here. We are battling for attention – inbox attention more specifically. It is not as simple as most people would like you to believe. Most people simply throw up a Popup Dominaton window and hope for the best, but are surprised when they don’t see many people at all signing up. But how is it possible for us to work towards getting a higher email opt in rate? Lets go over a few basics today.

Use An Offer That They Can’t Resist

Most commonly referred to as a “White Paper” or a bonus of some sort, you can package this up, and send it to your subscribers as a reward to signing up to the list. This is an extremely effective method that is used widely across the board. It goes without saying however that your offer must be targeted and relative to the content that you provide on site. If it does not match the content that you deliver, then chances are it will only serve to leave your audience somewhat confused.

Attention Grabbing Form Features

I’ve seen some serious creativity in the past and I’m not just talking about the use of animated download or submit buttons, I’m talking about placement and use of heat maps to find where people are most attentive on site. At the end of the day, if you make your form appealing, and place it in the right place on your website, you will see a significant growth in the total number of subscribers that you attract. It is all abbot being in the right place at the right time. It is also worth noting that most email marketing services will offer some functionality for creating great looking forms.

Don’t Forget Your Call To Action!

An email Opt In form with no instructions serves as a decoration without a purpose. People need to be told what to do. If you offer a free report, then tell your visitors to enter their email and press the download button to get their free report. In fact, having a great call to action can turn a 0 subscriber list into a large and growing list literally within a few short weeks. The key is to simply tell them what to do, even if it sounds primitive, it works.

There are many more creative methods for increasing your opt in’s such as javascript pop-ups like Popup Domination, at the end of the day however, it is all a matter of testing new methods, finding what works, identifying what doesn’t work, and running with what works best.

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