Using Social Bookmarking To Get Better Traffic
Using Social Bookmarking To Get Better Traffic

No matter what niche you’re in, traffic is incredibly important. Without good traffic, all of the work you’ve put in to your site will have been in vain. Sure there are lots of methods for gaining traffic but social bookmarking is truly a great way to send targeted visitors to your site. In the past few years, social media has gained prominence and is helping websites get the exposure they need. If you have been attempting to leverage social bookmarking to send more traffic to your site but you haven’t been able to get to the level you want, you need to keep reading.

Controversy is Helpful: The Internet is a place where controversy spreads rapidly due to how easy it is to use. You can use such controversies for your own advantage by submitting something controversial to these social bookmarking sites. Not only can use this to set yourself apart from your own competition, it also helps you get the attention of the crowd. People love a good controversy and will be happy to share it. You can get this notoriety by talking about news or writing a strong opinion about something. What matters most is giving your community what it wants to see.

Submit a Variety of Content: Don’t allow your activities to be limited in terms of the kinds of content that you put up on the social bookmarking sites. Try to get as much exposure as possible by submitting written documents, pictures, videos and audio files. The more you diversify your efforts here, the better. The primary reason to do this is that people are always on the lookout for information in all sorts of forms and you have the capacity to give them everything they want. For example, if you have made and published a video that addresses a problem in your niche, bookmark it! You need to get into the habit of bookmarking each and every item you make online. Give people a reason to explore all areas of your business.

Use a Profile Picture: You’ll quickly learn, when using sites like Reddit and Digg, that other users often identify people by their profile pictures so make sure the picture you use is an eye catching one. Even though your profile picture may not seem to be a big deal, it does make a difference. It helps to create a better and more believable profile. No matter what type of marketing initiative you take, you need to concentrate on getting the best reaction possible from the users. Boring is the opposite of interesting and that is why it doesn’t help sell things. Submit to Many Sites: Do not expect magic to happen by submitting one bookmark to one site. You need to submit to as many major social bookmarking sites as possible and do it often. These sites are highly trafficked and very popular and it just makes sense to get them to work for you. One of the reasons that people aren’t able to get the traffic they want from social bookmarking is because they don’t put forth a regular effort.

All in all, we can tell from this article that there is some great advantages for leveraging social bookmarking websites for gaining traffic. The real trick is to use social bookmarking alongside your other traffic generation methods so you can get real results.

Social Media Marketing is definitely a good tactic to increase brand awareness, opportunities and product sales of your enterprise via social media channels and also by performing visual presentations like Video Marketing, which induces awareness regarding the organization and its offerings.

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